Setting up your Currency

The A to Z of Currency Settings.

✏️ Currency Name

The currency name refers to the virtual currency used within your platform or app.

If your app/website has an internal currency for users to earn and spend, like "gems", "coins", or "points", that's your currency name!

🔢 Currency Round

The currency round represents how you will round off the currency amount. For example, your internal currency is "points", and users can earn fractions of a point (like 0.5 points), then the currency round should be 1.

If your users can earn currency such as 0.892 points, the currency round should be set to 3, and so on.

💰 Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is the ratio at which your internal currency can be exchanged for real-world value (in this case USD). It will determine how much users can earn from offers in terms of your internal currency.